Careers Week - 5 Year Out panel | University College

Careers Week – 5 Year Out panel

5 Year out panel consisting of Olivia Philpott, Aldo Oosterman, Jennifer Burnett, Alex Norton and Andreas Hendarto.

University College had the privilege of welcoming back five highly decorated Alumni to talk at the 5 Year Out panel discussion on Wednesday 6 September. Jennifer Burnett, Andreas Hendarto, Alex Norton, Aldo Oosterman and Olivia Philpott shared stories of their professional  journey’s, including the secrets to their success and the pitfalls that befell them.

An engaged crowd listened on intently as the panel members imparted their many years of knowledge and experiences, laced with an underlying message of never giving up and giving everything a go.

In this day and age when the employment market is as competitive as it’s ever been, the panel spoke of not being overawed if you don’t find employment in your dream profession straight away or, if you do and it turns out not to be what you expected, as there is always another way to go. Olivia quoted Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Cheryl Sandberg on this saying:

“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.” Olivia Philpott

At the conclusion of the panel, students had the opportunity to ask questions of our five alumni and then broke off into smaller groups to have profession orientated discussions that continued into the evening.

The 5 Year Out panel discussion was once again a success and achieved it’s goal of giving students perspective, advice and a path to follow when it comes to their future careers.