High Table Dean of Arts Dean of Education 2019 | University College

High Table with Dean of Arts and Dean of Education

UC Students with the Dean of Students, Dean of Arts, Head of College, Dean of Education and Dean of Studies.

Head of College, Dr Jennifer McDonald welcomed the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Russell Goulbourne and the Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Dr Jim Watterston to High Table on Monday 20 May, 2019. 

Students undertaking courses with the Faculty and School joined the Deans at High Table and discussed all things related to their courses, career outcomes, exchange opportunities and more.

Professor Goulbourne encouraged students to realise their potential, to the make the most of their time at College and University and highlighted the many opportunities afforded to students undertaking an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne.

“We want to enable you, not just to make a good living in the future but also to know how to live – and how to live well in a humane world that you’ve helped to build. That’s how you’ll make a difference. You have that potential. It’s in your grasp. So seize every opportunity” said Professor Goulbourne. 

Discussing an incredible story of his first time in the class room as a graduate teacher in remote Western Australia, Dr Watterston advised students about the importance of resilience and persistence in their careers.

“After that experience, I spoke to my parents who encouraged me to go back the next day and just give it a shot. 35 years later, here I am as the Dean of one of the world’s most esteemed Faculties in my profession. They encouraged me to persist despite the obvious challenges and I encourage you to do the same” said Dr Watterston.

University College looks forward to welcoming the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Professor Duncan Maskell, as well as numerous other senor staff members of the universities at which our students study, throughout the rest of 2019. 

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