From the President of Council

UC’s Strategic Direction – ‘Grow and Enhance’ Anne Cronin

I thank the College Council for their ongoing commitment to the implementation of the College’s Strategic Plan: ‘Grow and Enhance’, through the UC 2017 Project. This will realise our vision for a forward-looking College and enhance our strengths – a vibrant academic community, close knit and caring culture, personalised and supportive learning environment and active engagement with alumni, the University of Melbourne and wider community. The new infrastructure will provide first class facilities and a strong funding base to support the endeavours of our community.

Our focus this year is the successful completion of the UC 2017 Project for the start of the 2017 academic year. We will continue to build on our core learning and teaching programs, as well as broaden all opportunities for students while supporting them with the most advanced resources and IT support. We will enhance community engagement through an Alumni Outreach Program and the implementation of a Fundraising Strategy. We will also seek to enhance connections with schools and potential students, refining our message with a clear brand strategy. We continue to strive for best practice in terms of our governance structures and staffing. If you have visited UC recently you will know that already we can see the framework for the iconic new dining hall, a glimpse into the exciting future that lies ahead for our students and our community. With the growth of the College, we will ensure that more students have access to the transformative UC experience. This is an experience that many alumni claim to be a favourite time in their lives as, no doubt, many of you will agree.

Thank You

I was reflecting recently that this year marks my 14th year as President of the University College Council, an honour I am grateful for, as I am deeply proud of our College and our community. It has been a remarkable journey for me personally, but I must say that this year is exceptionally exciting as we see the vision of the UC 2017 Project become a reality. I extend my thanks to all members of the UC community for your continued support and I look forward to sharing this journey with each of you.

Anne Cronin
President of Council

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