Kate and Amelia at the UC Ball

As an international/interstate student, how has UC helped you?

I didn’t know anyone in Melbourne when I first moved here from Sydney. Living at UC was definitely the best way to meet friends and settle into a new city. I felt at home right away.

What is your favourite thing about UC?

I love UC’s friendly atmosphere, and the fact that it is so central to everything.

How does living at college assist with your academic goals?

College provides a great environment for studying. There are plenty of academic resources available to assist in achieving your goals, including tutoring, textbooks and designated study areas. I find that I am more motivated and productive when surrounded by other students also working hard to excel in their studies.

What are the opportunities that UC has provided you with?

UC has provided me with the opportunity to meet people from a wide range of academic backgrounds. College offers a great balance between study and social life, allowing me to making the most of my time at university.

Is it easy for graduates to mix with a cohort of undergraduate students?

The college organises many social events throughout the year, making it very easy for the graduate students to mix with the undergraduates. There is also the opportunity to participate in a number of sporting events, which is another great way to get involved in college life.
If you could sum up UC in one word what would it be?


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