molly w grads
Molly with friends at the Rowing Regatta

As an international/interstate student, how has UC helped you?

As an international student, UC gave me the opportunity to quickly become a part of the Melbourne community; I was able to transition into Melbourne life and make friends smoothly and that made moving here so much more comfortable. There was never a time where I felt lost or homesick while staying at UC. Being from another country can be intimidating because you don’t know the culture as well and everything is so new, but the staff and graduate students here are so welcoming and make everyone feel at home. They were all in my shoes at one point and they know how hard it can be.

What is your favourite thing about UC?

My favourite thing about UC is the community we have here. We are all very close with one another and treat each other like family. I find I strive better in this type of environment and I am grateful I have it here at UC. When I was picking housing, I knew I wanted a community-like atmosphere and UC went above and beyond my expectations. We all have different backgrounds and are studying different things so it is nice to not talk about university for once and just enjoy other people’s company.

How does living at college assist with your academic goals?

Everyone here at UC wants students to succeed and the students themselves want to succeed. Students and staff are supportive and are there when you need them. As graduate students we have fortnightly study sessions which helps me be a better student. Studies show if you surround yourself with smart, successful people, you too can be that and I believe it to be true. I’ve always been a good student but coming to a new country and learning their grading and class procedures can be stressful. Since living here, I have not had a problem reaching my academic goals because of the support so many UCers give.

What are the opportunities that UC has provided you with?

Since living at UC, I’ve met so many amazing alumni and academics that I would never have the opportunity to meet outside of the residential college. I strive to meet new people whenever I get the chance and create connections and networks. Another opportunity I’ve received is getting involved with the different sports in Australia and cheering on UC at the games. I love sport and getting into the athletic spirit; what is also good about the sport programs is trying out a sport I never played before. I was able to experience something new outside of academics which was great.

Is it easy for graduates to mix with a cohort of undergraduate students?

I find it very easy to become friends with the undergraduate students. At UC we like to be one big community and we really are. Everyone is so friendly and helpful that it is hard to not mix with the undergrads.

If you could sum up UC in one word what would it be?


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