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Adam Black

Adam Black (Centre)

How have you found living at UC?
Living at College has allowed me to develop a diverse and close-knit circle of friends, friends I know I’ll have for many years to come. The constant stream of events, both sporting and cultural, have allowed me to get involved on all fronts around the College and to try new things to get out of my comfort zone.

What academic advantages are provided at UC?
On-site tutorials and access to external classes through a shared Collegiate system have ensured that I have always been on top of my studies. Thanks to the residential tutors here at UC, even in times of academic uncertainty or stress, I have found support systems in place, and their interactions as an integrated part of the UC cohort means there’s no problems in asking for help.

What are the social benefits of living at UC?
UC consist of students from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries. The proximity of living amongst students who are experiencing time away from home and studying at University-level for the first time means you develop together as a group. The issues and concerns you face are shared by your peers, and the friends you make in these times can end up being some of the best you’ll ever make. As an example, one international student from Japan has kept in contact with me on a daily-basis for over two years, and our families have become great friends thanks to our time here at UC.

One thing I didn’t expect to experience at college is..?
The friendliness and support of other students. Coming from abroad, I was initially worried I would be lumped in with an ‘international’ cohort of first years and be left out of events and social activities. Now as a third year, I can say that the involvement of the entire student body and their inclusivity towards one another is just a normal aspect of everyday life. There is representation and involvement from all three years of student groups at almost every event.

Have you undertaken any leadership roles at UC?
I have been involved with staff and students in developing a music program to acquire new instruments and equipment for use. The project has been a great success and has contributed to both of our soirees and our victory in the intercollegiate Battle of the Bands competition this year (2018)!

How has UC helped you transition to living in Melbourne?
The close proximity of UC to the city centre is truly invaluable. The level of freedom you have to explore is encouraged by student leaders during O-Week and the rest of the cohort throughout the semester. The large number of students residing at the College means there’s no limit to finding those with similar interests, and the support networks from staff and the residential tutors means there’s always someone there if you’re going through difficulties in your transition to Melbourne life.

What is your favourite UC event and why?
I’d have to say either Battle of the Bands or Musical Soiree. As a fan of music, and a guitar player, I’ve always been involved in both events whenever I can. Both draw maximum capacity, so there’s clearly a big fan base both inside and outside of UC!

If you could sum up your UC experience in one word, what would it be?

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