Emily Webb Ware

Michelle Lau and Emily Webb Ware
Michelle Lau and Emily Webb Ware

How have you found living at UC?
I love it. Looking back, I honestly couldn’t imagine my year without being here, or without meeting the awesome people who I now see every day. Without sounding too cliché, I can’t believe my first year of University is almost over- the year has flown past, but I have loved every moment.

What academic advantages are provided at UC?
The tutes are definitely a huge advantage. It has been so handy to have Koki (RT and bio tutor) there to help me out with content and assignments. I know the students with essays find the tutors an incredible support. I also find it is so great to live with other students who are studying the same subjects as me, as we can work or study together.

What social advantages are provided?
There is always something happening at college. All the events, especially O-week, make it so easy to make great friends. Every event is so much fun and is filled with experiences you will never forget.

What is college beyond a place to live?
A community. It is the people I have met this year that have made it one of the best of my life. College has also made it so easy to fit into university life, and keep a good balance in my first year out of school.

One thing I didn’t expect to experience at College is?
At the start of the year I never would have guessed that I would end up as the boys cox for rowing, or as the co-choreographer for the UC production! But saying that, they were both such amazing experiences.

Describe the UC environment.
Super chill and relaxed, so supportive, and a lot of fun. I feel so comfortable around everyone. I guess I just love that I can rock up to breakfast every morning, potentially in my PJs and uggies, and have a chat with anyone at UC.

Have you been in leadership roles at UC?
I have recently been elected as the 2017 Student Club Secretary, which means I will be part of the 2017 Student Executive, as well as an O-Week leader for 2017. I am also one of the student representatives on the College Council.

How has UC helped you to transition from interstate to living in Melbourne?
It has been helpful living and interacting with second years who know how it all works. College is a great ‘next step’ out of home, where you don’t have to be completely independent.

What is your favourite UC event?
I have had so much fun at some of the events throughout the year. Although I probably couldn’t pick a favourite, some of the best times were at Ball launch, Fresher dance off, UC Day, and Sports and Arts Ball.

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