Maeva Bennetto Peris

Maeva Peris Bennetto
Maeva Peris Bennetto

International Student from Spain. Or Tasmania.

When I graduated from the German School in Valencia, I remember being the most excited I have been in my entire life because I knew that my grades were definitely good enough to get into the University of Melbourne and coming to Melbourne meant one thing: freedom. OH, THE OVERPOWERING JOY, THE SWEET, SWEET TASTE OF CHILD-ADULTHOOD, THE SUCCESSFUL ESCAPADE FROM THE PARENTAL INFLUENCE ZONE!! But, wait, there was that minor thing… housing. And I thought to myself…cooking? Shopping for groceries? Rent? Cleaning a house? Main-te-nance? Nay. I came to Melbourne with the major purpose of studying. And so, my parents and I concluded that College was the best option. The question of where to come was no question at all. To be honest (sorry to Peta the Dean of Students), I didn’t even read the University College website. I have an innate radar for awesomeness and when I saw the home page of the UC website, I thought to myself ‘Ring a ding, ding. We have a winner’.

After Skyping with Peta and charming her with my exotic accent, I was offered a place at UC. Sometimes it baffles me that I have not been here for even a year, because it feels so natural and indeed like the right place to be. I made friends straight away and I was constantly welcomed and encouraged to participate in activities that I had never done before; I joined the Sustainability Committee, I participated in the College Student Production of Footloose and I submitted my own short stories to the College creative writing competition.

In my first semester at university, unfortunately, I found myself disappointed and unmotivated with my course. To make things worse, I ended up lost with no idea of what career path to choose. Had it not been for Marie, the Dean of Studies and Resident Tutors’ help, I would not have organised my swapping to a Bachelor of Science so easily or with such confidence that it would all work out. Without their support I would probably still be wandering directionless.

I have no regrets whatsoever about coming to University College. It has been the best way to transition into my university life as well as life in a different country, and I feel that it will always be a place I can call home.

Finally, I am trying to bring back the word ‘grouse’ so if you are reading this please bear that in mind if you decide to come to University College. I’d appreciate the effort.

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