Leave a Bequest to UC

When you remember University College in your will, you become a member of the Dr Georgina Sweet Society. You also leave a profound legacy as a patron of tertiary education in Australia. Facilities and programs enabled by your bequest will help to continue our tradition of offering the highest quality learning opportunities to students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Some of the ways that your bequest may benefit the College:

  • Funding scholarships to support academically bright students in acute financial need. Gifted students, from rural areas in particular, dream of attending UC. A bequest will help UC continue to give current and future students access to the UC experience to help make their university years the most memorable of their life.
  • By helping us to meet the needs of 21st century students through investing in capital projects to provide world-class educational facilities and buildings.

We encourage all members of our community to join with our 22 members to date and consider making your mark on UC by providing for the College in your will and thus becoming a member of the Georgina Sweet Society. Dr Georgina Sweet was one of the driving pioneers behind the establishment of University Women’s College. The College Bequest Program has been named after Georgina Sweet as in many ways, the College owes its existence to this determined and accomplished academic due to the considerable time, energy and resources that she invested into the College and its establishment.

How to leave a bequest:

If you would like more information about leaving a lasting legacy at UC, please contact us on 03 9347 3533 or at community@unicol.unimelb.edu.au