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Residential College Packing List – What to Bring (and Not to Bring)

residential college packing guide

By Micol Carmignani

Preparing for the move to a residential college can be overwhelming. To ease this transition for incoming students, we have refined a list of 10 things to bring (and five to leave at home!).

What things should I bring to Residential College?

  1. Clothing (and accessories)
    It is recommended that students pack clothing suited to a broad range of weather conditions as the temperature fluctuates frequently in Melbourne. This includes a raincoat or umbrella for wet weather and a hat for sun protection. You’ll also need proper attire for formal dinners and any costume items or clothes that match your O-Week theme (which will be revealed before you join us). But remember, you only have one wardrobe, so you don’t need to bring everything you own.
  2. Bedding
    Some students may have purchased a linen pack with us. However, those who did not will need their own quilt, quilt cover, bedsheets, and pillowcases. It is recommended that students bring these items with them on move in day or purchase them from nearby when you arrive in Melbourne. 90% of our rooms are double bed, but we will confirm your bed size before you move in.
  3. Bedroom Items
    Students will need to bring their own coat hangers and bin bags. Many students also bring decorative items (e.g. photos) for their rooms; however, it is important to note that these need to be hung up using damage-free methods such as blu tack or command hooks.
  4. Bathroom Items
    Students will need to bring their own towels and bathroom caddies. You will also need to bring toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair brush, nail clippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, and roll on deodorant (please note, aerosol products are prohibited as they can set off the fire alarms). 
  5. Laundry Items 
    Students need to supply their own laundry detergent, washing basket, and gold coins for the washing machine/dryer (although many accept card payments now). Given these items are not necessary for the first few days of residential college, they can always be purchased at a later date if too bulky to bring immediately (i.e. for interstate students). There are clothes drying racks available, but you may want to purchase your own.
  6. Medical Items
    In addition to any daily or personal medication, we recommend students bring: cold and flu tablets, paracetamol or ibuprofen, throat lozenges, tissues, a small first aid kit, sunscreen, and hand sanitiser.
  7. Documents and Wallet Items
    Students should bring some photo ID, a debit or credit card, and Medicare card and any relevant banking information documents. If they have one, students should also bring their Myki card for travel on public transport – there will be opportunities to purchase one during O-Week if you don’t have one.
  8. University related items
    We recommend college students come prepared with a laptop, notebooks, and stationary (subject to their course). Students should also bring a backpack or suitable bag for university lectures and tutorials.’
  9. Technology
    Students should bring their phone, phone charger, laptop charger, headphones or earphones, and a power board with overload protection.
  10. Dishware
    Bowls, cups, plates, and cutlery will be supplied by College. However, many students find it useful to bring their own reusable water bottle, keep cup, and mug for after-hours tea or hot chocolate. 

What things should I leave at home?

  1. Candles
    Students are prohibited from burning candles, wax melts, or incense as they are a fire hazard and can trigger the alarms. Instead, many students opt for reed diffusers.
  2. Excess books
    Students are welcome to bring a few books for leisurely reading. However, in doing so, they should consider the amount of space that will be required to store them, and how much spare time they will have between College and university life. The Greta Hort Library at UC has a broad range of fiction (and non-fiction) books available for students to borrow.
  3. College-supplied items
    The following items are supplied by the College in common spaces and should not be brought by students: TVs, printers, fridges, irons, toilet paper, coffee machines, kettles and microwaves.
  4. Furniture
    UC will supply all the necessary furniture for each room, including a bed, desk, desk chair, closet, shelving, desk lamp, and bin.
  5. Pets
    Unfortunately pets are not allowed at College – this includes smaller animals such as fish or hermit crabs.

To view a more comprehensive list of what items to pack before you arrive at College, please check out our packing guide.