Scholars Dinner | University College

Special thanks at Scholars Dinner

University College hosted the 2017 Scholars Dinner last night at University House, the University of Melbourne, which saw 37 scholarships awarded of values between $1,500 and $20,000.

Michelle Kerrin, Ann Miller and Lala Grogan (also a recipient of the Ann Miller Indigenous Scholarship)

The 90 guests in attendance, were a combination of both students, donors and supporters of UC. They heard from Ann Miller Indigenous Scholarship recipient, Michelle Kerrin, who spoke about the importance of her scholarship in her ability to continue her studies at University.

“The reason I remain at college and feel secure about being in university is because of my opportunities and access to scholarships, particularly the Ann Miller Indigenous Scholarship at college. Ann continues to impact my life and I know you do so for many other Indigenous kids. You are a game changer and I can stand in front of you all today because of you, Ann. I hope I continue to make you proud, I acknowledge that for you to trust me is a big deal. And for you all in the room today, both as recipients and donors, you are all game changers.”

The audience was also treated to a performance by YMF Kathy Avdiev Memorial Award and McGregor Family Fund Scholarship recipient Jayden Galbraith, who played a piece on the drums. “On behalf of all the scholarship recipients here tonight, I would like thank everyone for their support. If it wasn’t for your generosity, some of us would not be able to attend university in Melbourne,” said Mr Galbraith.

Head of College, Dr Jennifer McDonald thanked both the donors and the students for their involvement in the UC Scholarships Program. “With the increase in capacity at University College later this year from approximately 160 students in 2016 to over 300 in 2018, the College will also see a increase in the number of students needing financial assistance in the future and we thank our generous donors for their important role in this program”, said Dr McDonald.

The University College Scholarship Program is now closed for 2017, and will reopen for 2018 in second semester.

If you or someone you know would like to become involved in the UC Scholarships Program as a student or as a donor, please contact the Advancement Office at University College on 9349 9113 or