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Tips for Budgeting at College


By Zara Pritchard

Budgeting and saving money at college can be challenging, so we have collated the best tips and advice from our University College students. Whether you are a current University College student who would like to save more money, or you are considering coming to UC in the future but you are concerned about costs, there are so many mechanisms at your disposal.

University College student budget tips and/or budget tips from University College student1) University College Melbourne Scholarships

If you are considering applying to University College you should certainly look into the scholarships on offer. A scholarship can help you get ahead without having to pay the regular University College fees. For University College scholarship recipient Micol Carmignani, the application process was “very easy and convenient.” Carmignani said that “having a scholarship has made a big difference in allowing me to focus on my studies without added financial pressure.”

2) University Jobs

A casual or part time job can help pay University College fees. There are some job opportunities available at the residential school for students; second year student Emily Taylor enjoys working at the kitchen at UC as she says, “it’s a great opportunity to be able to work in an environment that’s welcoming and safe.” Plus it’s not a very long commute to work!

There are also many different work opportunities that you may consider outside of college. First year student Grace Crighton works three jobs. She works as a nanny once a week, is a baby-sitting manager for the agency Peas in a Pod and also does casual work for an event company. When asked about how she juggles this with college life Grace said: “I’m so lucky that all my jobs are really flexible, meaning that I still have a lot of free time.”

3) Student Payment Plans

Students have the option to apply for a payment plan, which can help with the University College fees. Crighton is on a monthly payment plan at UC, this helps take the stress off having to earn all of her semester 2 fees by the end of July. Crighton says this payment structure means that she is “able to focus on Uni and actually enjoy the college experience.”

4) Spend Trackers

Our residential college treasurer, Patrick Bolton (aka Bolts), gave us some helpful tips on ways to track and save money as a uni student. He recommended using technology to your advantage saying that, “there are plenty of spending trackers and personal budgeting apps out there that make the whole process super simple.” Bolts also recommended setting realistic goals saying that, “when creating a personal budget, it’s important to allow yourself a treat every so often. It’s unrealistic to think that you’re not going to splurge every once in a while, so why not plan for it in advance.”