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Types of Melbourne Student Accommodation

You’re moving out of home for the first time to live closer to your university. You get on Google, but you don’t even know where to start. We’ve been there, we understand the struggle! When you’re looking at student accommodation options, there’s a lot to consider. From how easy it is to get to university, meals and amenities, the community and the level of support you want, your non-negotiables will determine where you ultimately choose to stay (and of course financial considerations).

We’ve put together the FIVE most popular types of student accommodation options for you in a neat table with comparisons. Read on!

Here’s a summary of each student accommodation option:

1. Residential Colleges:

Live in a close-knit community with other university students right by the university campus. Stay in your own private room, get all meals catered, access wellbeing and academic support, and participate in social and sporting events all year round. It’s the fastest way to make new friends and it eases you into your new found independence living away from home.

2. University Accommodation:

Living at university accommodation is similar to a residential college, but with less inclusions. While you still get to meet people from your university, join events and get support from staff, it’s limited. Meals are not included but utilities are covered. Rooms vary between ensuite studios to shared flats.

3. Private Student Accommodation:

Fully embrace your independence while taking advantage of the shared amenities in a student community. You’ll have access to some events and staff support but at a much smaller scale compared to residential colleges. You choose how much you want to get involved.

4. Student Homestays:

An affordable option for international or exchange students where you stay with a local family. The host provides accommodation and support for an agreed-upon period of time and rate. Meals and other assistance can be negotiated. It’s a good way to be introduced to the new country and learn about the culture and lifestyle.

5. Private rentals:

Rent your own apartment, room or shared house. You have the freedom to find exactly what you’re looking for and where you want to live. You’re on your own!

We’ve put together the FIVE most popular types of student accommodation options for you in a neat table with comparisons. See below.

Residential CollegesUniversity AccommodationPrivate student accommodationHomestaysPrivate Rentals
 ExamplesTen University of Melbourne collegesUnimelb optionsUniLodge / Scape  Australian homestay networkflatmates
All-inclusive feesXXXX
Private roomRanges from ensuite studios to shared flats.There are varied options from studio apartments to shared multi-bedroom ones.✓ (in a shared home)✓ (in a shared home)
Ensuite✓ Varies college to college.

At UC, two-third of our rooms are ensuite at no extra cost.
✓ You can pay more for an ensuite room.✓ You can pay more for an ensuite room.✓ Depending on option available✓ Varied. Studio, single room, shared house options.
Air-conditioningX  At UC we have a small quantity of rooms with air-conditioning that returning residents can preference.Varied.Varied.Varied.
Meals cateredXXX (some may offer meals)X
Student CommunityXX
Sports competitionsXXXX
Social activities✓ Limited.✓ Limited.XX
Academic & wellbeing supportXXX
Maintenance assistanceXX
Staff support around the clock XXX
Gym accessXXX
Career opportunitiesXXXX
MentoringLimited, if any.XX
Secure access
Public transport close byVaried.Varied.Varied.
Car parking✓ Limited.Depending on availability.Depending on availability.Depending on availability.
Contract length19 – 39 weeks. (One semester or full year)

35 weeks at UC.
One semester or full year.Varied.Varied.Depending on lease agreement.
Weekly rate$680 – $1,000 p/week.

UC is A$970 p/week.
Varied depending on room/apartment type. A$380-600 p/week.Varied depending on room/apartment type. A$400-700 p/week.Varied. A$200-500 p/week.Varied. A$100-500 p/week.