Remembering members of our community who have passed away.

University College would like to pay tribute to members of our community who have recently passed away and extend our condolences to their family and friends.

To add remembrances or notify us of the passing of a member of the UC community, please contact us on +61 3 9349 9113 or at

Emily Blackwood (UC 2015)

Carol Breer nee Dean (UWC 1943)

Dr Michelle Dewar OAM (UC 1979)

Beverley Farmer (UWC 1958)

Professor Kenneth Inglis AO (Donor)

Lilian Holgate nee Fanoy (UWC 1965)

Barry Jacobs (Governor)

Dr Paul Lee (UC 1996)

Rosemary Mokhtar nee Beedles (UWC 1960)

The Hon. Jocelyn Newman AO nee Mullett (UWC 1955)

Dr Zula Nittim nee Goldinberg (UWC 1948)

Dr Lynette Peel (UWC 1957)

Christine Watson nee Honybun (UC 1978)