A New Chapter Begins at UC

University College is committed to providing the best possible College experience for our students to ensure that they get the most from their university years. The recently completed redevelopment of UC will give more students access to the UC experience without losing the vital essence of our collegiate community.

New ensuite and loft rooms

New rooms_loft
Loft room

Guided by the vision and creativity of Lovell Chen architects, much time and thought went into ensuring these lovely new college rooms would provide comfortable and inviting living spaces to meet our students’ every need.

Most importantly, everyone enjoys the convenience of having their own ensuite bathroom (with rain showers) and basins in their rooms. They love the double beds and long study desks, which are perfect to spread out with laptops, books and notes. The comfortable room temperature (courtesy of Passivhaus ingenuity) and double glazed windows with block out blinds make for a quiet and restful retreat in which to study or relax and sleep.

While there are 180 of these modern ensuite rooms, each one is unique, offering a different shape, size and outlook. Many of the rooms have great views of Princes Park, the city and College gardens. The loft rooms on level four feature an extra space for students to make their own, either as a private retreat or for additional storage.

As with our heritage wings, each corridor in our newly built wings has at least one utility room with kitchenette and laundry facilities for our students.

Feedback has been very positive with one student noting she received ‘a couple of H1s, which are obviously products of my amazing study space and the lighting in my room.’

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New facilities – Syme Dining Hall

Valedictory Dinner in Syme Dining Hall

Opened in 2017, Syme Dining Hall is the heart of UC. It is a place where there is always someone to talk to as you gather for a meal. These conversations will help our students discover new insights and perspectives, which have the power to transform the way they see the world. That is why we have built this extraordinary space, so that we can continue to cultivate these conversations at the heart of the College experience.

Comfortable and healthy living

New rooms

The new buildings have been built using Passivhaus principles to improve sustainability (reducing the College’s environmental impact) and to ensure that our students have the most comfortable and healthiest living environment possible. 

Passivhaus principles are the most strict energy efficiency standard in the world. Developed in Germany, these building standards cut energy consumption by 60-80%. They do this by building a very tight envelope or exterior to the building to insulate it well. This prevents the leakage of air and heat found in normal buildings which are very inefficient, making it necessary to expend energy for heating and cooling.

By contrast, in Passivhaus buildings there is minimal need for heating or cooling yet the building retains a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature. The long term benefits are reduced operating costs and energy efficiency. Our new dining hall is living proof that it is possible to have a very comfortable living experience in an incredibly sustainable environment. In an era of climate change when building systems are responsible for a huge percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, we are proud to be making our contribution to this global social challenge.

Read more in our Passivhaus FAQs

Retaining The Essence Of UC

Students are at the heart of everything we do and the redevelopment maintains the strong sense of community which is the College’s hallmark. This is fundamental for our community who are passionate about retaining the College’s traditional ethos and key strengths. In addition, it will provide growth and enhancement to ensure the College continues to meet the needs of its students and retains its reputation as a forward thinking College.

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