College Council Members

The college was incorporated under the Companies Act 1928 on 1 April, 1938. It is a company limited by guarantee and is a non-profit organisation.

It is governed by a Council of up to 21 members who are responsible for the directions and policies of the college and maintaining its sound financial basis. Council members comprise: the Head (ex officio), the Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne ex officio (should he or she wish to exercise this role), persons appointed by the Academic Board of the University of Melbourne, women graduates appointed by The Australian Federation of University Women (Victoria), past students of the college elected by ballot by members of college whose names are on the roll of students kept by the college, persons elected by the Governors of the college, resident students of college elected by the students of the college, a person appointed by the Council from among the Heads of Secondary Schools in Victoria, up to six persons co-opted by Council.

Office Bearers
President: Mrs A Cronin, BSc BBus(Acc) MAICD FAIM FCPA
Deputy President: Professor P Harris, BSc(Hons) PhD Southampton
Treasurer: Mr John Mathieson, BCom Melb MAICD
Secretary to Council: Dr J McDonald, BA(Hons) MEd(Stud Well) PhD Melb. DipEd FAIM MACE
Appointed by the Academic Board
Professor Rachel Webster, BSc (Hons) Monash, MSc Sussex, PhD Cambridge
Professor Anne Lillis, BCom Melb MCom Melb PhD Melb
Appointed by Graduate Women Victoria
Dr B Murray, MA Monash PhD Monash DipT(ATTI)
Elected by the Governors
Mrs Jane Peck , BA Melb
Mr Matthew O’Keefe, BCom Melb CA
Elected by the Past Student Members of the College
Mrs Marli Wallace, BCom Melb Dip Ed Melb M.ED Stud Monash
Ms Cheryl Power, BSc MSc DipEd GradDipWH MASM
Mr John Mathieson, BCom Melb MAICD
Appointed by the Council – from among the Principals of the Secondary Schools of Victoria
Co-opted to the Council
Mrs A Cronin, BSc BBus(Acc) MAICD FAIM FCPA
Ms Kathryn Bellion, BA LLB MBus GradDip IR/HRM
Professor P Harris, BSc(Hons) PhD Southampton
Ms Monique MacRitchie, BA MA MIB (Currently on leave of absence)
Head of Secondary School
To be confirmed
Elected by the Students of the College
Mr Ollie Harrison (January 2016 to December 2016)
Miss Saskia Wallis (January 2016 to July 2016)
Miss Emily Webb Ware (July 2016 to December 2016)
Ex officio member of the Council, The Head of College
Dr J McDonald, BA(Hons) MEd(Stud Well) PhD Melb. DipEd FAIM MACE