Resident Tutors

Meet our 2017 resident tutors.

UC students have access to a wide range of tutorials to support their studies. Tutorials are made up of small groups and led by young, approachable resident tutors who know you, and you know them. Our tutors live in College so are readily available to answer any questions relating to your course, as well as help you prepare for assessments and exams.

Liam Bryne

Liam Byrne


Liam is a PhD Candidate in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne. Liam’s research focuses on Australian political history, a topic he has written on in several academic journals and chapters in book collections. In addition, he has spoken at conferences in Barcelona, New Delhi, Beijing, and Birmingham. As well as being a tutor at UC he has also been on the editorial committee of the Melbourne Historical Journal and acted as the Treasurer of the History Postgraduate Association at Melbourne University. Outside of work Liam loves bemoaning the current state of the Richmond Tigers, and losing to people at chess.

Mollie Farrell


Mollie received a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Media and Communication and a Minor in Criminology from the University of Melbourne in 2016. During her undergraduate degree she spent two semesters abroad, one at Pennsylvania State University and another at King’s College London, University of London. In 2017, Mollie will be undertaking a Master of Arts and Cultural Management with the hopes of one day becoming a film or television producer. Mollie has a passion for travel and the performing arts, but is always keen to get involved in anything new and challenging.

Molly Fredle

Molly Fredle


Molly is from California and moved to Melbourne for her Master of Science in Bio Sciences degree at the University of Melbourne. Her thesis is looking at the population ecology of abalone in Victoria and northern Tasmania from the past twenty years. After graduation, Molly aims to work in private or public sector as an environmental consultant or ecologist. Molly was part of the UC community for 6 months before becoming a resident tutor. In her spare time, she likes to attend sporting matches, scuba dive, stay active, travel, and cook food for her friends and family. Molly is currently an active science scuba diver for the University of Melbourne.

Anasha Flintoff


Anasha comes from Perth, Western Australia and is currently in her first year of the JD at Melbourne Law School. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours from the University of Melbourne in 2016, majoring in Politics and Sociology. Anasha spent a year of her undergraduate degree on exchange at King’s College London, and during this time travelled extensively throughout Europe. She loves to travel and has also visited many countries in Asia, including China, India and Thailand. In her free time, Anasha likes to practice yoga, go rock climbing and play the flute. In the future, Anasha would like to combine her interests in travel and other cultures with her legal studies, and is considering focusing on Chinese Business Law as a part of her JD.

James Hutcheon

James Hutcheon


James grew up in Mildura, Victoria and moved to Melbourne in 2012 to start his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics. He is now working on his Master of Engineering (Electrical).  James is very passionate about technology and how we can use it to make peoples’ lives easier. He loves listening to all kinds of music and giving his Netflix subscription a good workout watching TV shows both good and bad! James is also a big fan of camping and travelling. He was an undergraduate resident at UC from 2012-2014, and is excited to be back in 2017 to share his knowledge and experience.

Zak Kapakoulakis

Zak Kapakoulakis


Zak is also affectionately known as Kapa around the halls of UC. He describes himself as, “your average guy from rural Victoria who’s easy going but a hard working”. He has completed an undergraduate Science degree and will commencing a Master of Teaching in 2017. When he’s not learning how to create an army of children at uni, you might find him playing a video game, watching plenty of YouTube videos or involved in a heavy banter session in the dining hall. Kapa has a message for everyone at UC, “Please come find me for all you biological needs, particularly first year biology, most second year biology or some pathology. I might even chuck in some flora and fauna too”.

Koki Oka

Koki Oka


Koki is Japanese, but he was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He is studying the Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. He completed his Bachelor of Science (Physiology major) at the University of Melbourne.  He lived at UC for two years during his Bachelor degree and also served as Male Sports Representative in 2012. He was appointed as a resident tutor in 2015. He really enjoys playing sports especially soccer and basketball .

On Zhi


On is a provisional psychologist, and is currently pursuing his Master degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. Originally from Selangor, Malaysia, he graduated with an Arts degree in 2013, with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Melbourne. He is currently investigating the social cognition deficits in children and adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury. In his spare time, On loves to solve mysteries in “escape rooms”, drink wine in Spanish class, play badminton, and he also tries to swim at least once a week.

Ayush Srinet

Ayush Srinet


Ayush has been working as a chemical engineer for the past two years in New Zealand. He will be moving to Melbourne to start his Master of Management (Finance) degree in 2017. Not only can he help with mathematics, he also holds a Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (very handy for emergency snacking!)

Sher Maine Tan

Sher Maine Tan


Sher Maine is extremely passionate about improving lives by contributing to advancement of healthcare with her knowledge in Biomedical Science. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience) from Monash University Malaysia, she pursued a Master of Biomedical Science. Outside of work, Sher Maine has a passion for music, sports and photography. She enjoys sports like badminton, netball, bowling, pool and archery. She is also an avid reader of books. Sher Maine also loves to bake cookies and cakes especially during the Chinese Spring Festival for her family and friends.