Resident Tutors

Meet our 2018 resident tutors.

UC students have access to a wide range of tutorials to support their studies. Tutorials are made up of small groups and led by young, approachable resident tutors who know you, and you know them. Our tutors live in College so are readily available to answer any questions relating to your course, as well as help you prepare for assessments and exams.

Eric Bolitho headshot

Eric Bolitho


Eric has completed his undergraduate in Mathematics and is now studying a Master of Analytics at RMIT. He lived at UC for three years and was also the Student Club Treasurer in 2015. He is passionate about swimming and enjoys playing basketball and football.

Linda Eitelberg


Linda completed her Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle before moving to Melbourne in 2017. She is in her first year of the Master of Data Science at the University of Melbourne. Linda was born in Australia to an American mother and an Estonian father, and spent her childhood in Germany and the Netherlands. Many of her childhood summers were enjoyed in the United States, and in her adult life, she has visited every state and territory in Australia. Linda is rarely seen out and about without her kick scooter.

Mollie Farrell Photo

Mollie Farrell


Mollie received a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Media and Communication and a Minor in Criminology from the University of Melbourne in 2016. She is currently in her second year of a Master of Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne, focusing on film and television production. Mollie tutors in a range of arts subjects from the schools of Culture & Communication and Social & Political Sciences. With a passion for the arts, Mollie is a keen member of the UC arts community, having participated in the 2017 UC musical version of Westside Story, and the intercollegiate Battle of the Bands.

James Hutcheon

James Hutcheon


James is currently working as an engineer for Telstra. He graduated his Master of Engineering (Electrical) last year, and also has a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), both from the University of Melbourne. This will be the second year James has been a resident tutor at UC, but he also lived here while completing his undergrad degree from 2012 to 2014. James is a passionate fan of technology, travel and good coffee and is always up for a lively debate about politics. When he can be bothered, he’s been known to cook a decent curry and make a great espresso martini.

Zak Kapakoulakis

Zak Kapakoulakis


Zak, or Kapa as he is affectionately known, heralds from Bendigo in Central Victoria. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Pathology) and is currently completing his Master of Teaching, with the goal of becoming a secondary school teacher. Kapa’s specialty area is biology – from humans to plants. In his spare time he loves playing video games, be it online with friends or an avid Mario Kart session at college. Kapa has now lived at UC for five years, and says he’s always up for a chat with new students. “Never hesitate to come and say hey! I love this college, and it’s my goal to make UC a place where you feel most at home away from home.”

Koki Oka headshot

Koki Oka


Koki is Japanese, but was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He has recently completed the Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne and now works as a physiotherapist. Koki lived at UC for two years during his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science) and served as a male sports representative in 2012. He was appointed as a resident biology tutor in 2015. He really enjoys playing sports, especially soccer and basketball, but hates pineapples on pizzas!

On Zhi Xiang image

On Zhi Xiang


On is a provisional psychologist, and is currently completing his Master Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. In his spare time, On enjoys solving mental arithmetic, drinking wine in Spanish class, and finding new brunch spots.

Ayush Srinet

Ayush Srinet


Ayush has completed a Chemical and Materials Engineering Degree with the University of Auckland and is now studying a Master in Management with Finance at the University of Melbourne. Originally applying to be a graduate at UC, he did so well in his interviews he was offered a role as a Resident Tutor, and now teaches engineering, maths, and finance courses. Whilst of Indian heritage, Ayush was raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He really enjoys cooking and has a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) certified cooking certificate. You’ll usually find him in the kitchen at the Swanston Street Campus. He would also like to point out that pavlova was actually invented in New Zealand!