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Values and Mission

Here at UC we are frequently asked what makes us different from other residential colleges and accommodation options. It’s not an easy thing to capture in words – which is why we encourage prospective students to visit us in person if they can. Students tell us this is the best way to experience ‘the vibe’ of each college.

But in a nutshell, UC is generally defined as relaxed, friendly and supportive, a home away from home where everyone knows and looks out for each other. We have a lot of rural students, who particularly love that we aren’t too formal, and our community has a strong reputation for inclusiveness and support – valuing diversity over conformity.

Our mission

Student Club President

At University College we are dedicated to providing students with an enriching residential college experience at a critical stage of their lives to enable positive and transformative outcomes.

Our values

Empowerment and growth – Striving to become our best selves. Always open to new ideas, skills and knowledge. Holistic well-rounded growth.

Personal responsibility – Doing the right thing.

Staying true – Authentic to the core. Genuine, open, fair and absolutely honest.

Respect and kindness – Inclusive, empathetic and motivated by the common good.

Care for community – Conserve and contribute, locally and globally.

Progressive – Building on our rich heritage as a trail blazer in women’s education and leadership to meet the challenges of the future.

College motto

Our motto is Frappe Fort – which is interpreted as ‘love, passion, die hard spirit’ – something that reflects the struggle of those who fought in the 1930s to establish us as the first women’s college associated with the University of Melbourne.