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Top ways a Residential College helps students transition into uni

University is many students first time moving out of home and come with many responsibilities, making it a daunting time of transition. Living in a college can help ease the nerves of the new academic expectations students face in university as well as the new balance students must find between study, socialising and work commitments.


How UC practices sustainability

We won’t sugarcoat it – as a residential college that houses and feeds 340 students, we produce a lot of waste. To minimise our impact, we implement a variety of sustainability initiatives around UC to reduce and manage our waste. Future Sustainability initiatives There are always ways to become a more sustainable college. Here are […]


Residential College Life in 2022

After COVID-19 plagued the world with uncertainty over the past two years, normalcy is now re-entering our lives. This year, residential colleges have once again been able to live up to their full expectations of excitement, freedom, and fun.