Academic Programs and Support

UC’s personalised approach to learning will help you navigate the transition to university. Throughout your studies, our customised academic program will set you up for success.

Academic Mentoring

Our Dean of Students and Dean of Studies

From the moment you apply, the Dean of Student’s personalised approach will help you navigate your transition to university. The Dean of Studies is also available for advice and guidance whenever you need. Students find this support particularly useful when selecting subjects, adjusting course loads, or accessing academic support services at university.

First-year students are assigned a resident tutor as an academic mentor during their first two semesters. Mentors are specialists in the students’ chosen study areas and provide formal and informal opportunities for assistance. Meeting together throughout the year, students find that tutors are always at hand to discuss academic matters or personal well-being.

This individualised approach ensures students are guided through the sometimes challenging early period of university study with a supportive framework.


UC students have access to a wide range of tutorials to support their studies. Tutorials are made up of small groups and led by young, approachable resident tutors who know you, and you know them.

Our tutors live at the College, so are readily available to answer any questions relating to your course, as well as help you prepare for assessments and exams.

You will also connect with fellow students and learn collaboratively.


In addition to the scheduled program of weekly tutorials, consultations are offered to all students to provide specialised one-on-one assistance and tuition.

Consultations are a special avenue for students to receive feedback on essays or take-home assignments, to prepare for in-class tests and exams or to discuss challenging course material with a content specialist.

Specialist ESL tutors are also available to assist students for whom English is their second-language; to help improve confidence in English language conversation and strengthen their writing abilities.

Library and Academic Centre

The Greta Hort Library and adjacent Academic Centre are great places for private study or group work. The book collection includes current text books for students as well as extended reading materials for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Core subject textbooks can be requested and purchased by the College for use throughout the semester.

The library also has a number of magazines and dvds.

The library is open 24/7 to students and includes computers, scanners, printing facilities and wifi.

Academic Events

University College students enjoy a rich, engaging and scholarly environment. Regular academic events include seminars, dinners, workshops and soirees.

Throughout the year, the Senior Common Room hosts a lively program of talks (Fireside Chats and After Dinner Conversations) where world-leading academics and thinkers share their research and bring new ideas for group discussion and debate.

Many of these academics are in residence at the College, giving students invaluable opportunities to informally interact, particularly during weekly High Table dinners.

Faculty Dinner

Each year a Faculty Dinner is organised in second semester, to bring together students studying in the major faculties with professionals, lecturers and tutors. Students are grouped according to their career interest and then matched on a table with the relevant professionals and lecturers. Apart from interesting discussion, these dinners are a great opportunity for networking and for gaining further career direction and inspiration.

Musical Soirees

Musical soirees provide an opportunity for our many talented students to perform to a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience. This is a very popular event, with performers playing to a full house.