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Can you picture yourself at University College? Find out more about college life at UC below.

It’s essential to live somewhere that feels like home and will help you transition to university life. UC is a place where you can easily meet people, offering you the opportunity to belong to a friendly, relaxed and supportive community whilst pursuing your academic studies.
Finding your way around a large university campus is not always easy, particularly in your first year. At UC we support you and help you succeed via our well-being programs, learning programs and student club activities.   

We are a residential college in Melbourne housing 340 students who study at the University of Melbourne, RMIT, Monash Pharmacy, ACU and other nearby universities.

Our greatest asset is our people, where students say they feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. Students and staff all know each other by name, and there is genuine care and support for each other.

One of the great things about UC is that different year levels, undergraduates and graduates, all mix freely, with resident tutors also living amongst students.

From the day you move into on of our student accommodation rooms there are second year students who act as your mentors, helping you move into your new home. That kicks off a full week of exciting activities, organised by the Student Club, to help you find your way around campus, meet amazing new friends and have fun exploring Melbourne together.

You have the opportunity to be involved in a broad range of activities that are of interest to you. The more you put into College life, the more you’ll get out of it. Check out our galleries for more information.

Our students

At UC we really value diversity, and we have students join us from all over Australia and the world. Because of our affiliation with RMIT, we have a lot of students studying design, fashion and arts subjects. However we attract students studying all the core degrees too. We are also the college of choice for a lot of rural students. You can see the average make up of our students below.

Student demographics

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