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Why University College?

It’s essential to live somewhere that feels like home, and will help you transition to university life. UC is a place where you can easily meet people and establish life-long friendships while pursuing your academic studies. It’s a great lifestyle, with so many sporting, social and cultural activities to choose from, and with meals, tutorials and wellbeing programs all included. 

“The community spirit and support that I have experienced this year still regularly blows my socks off. I can confidently say I’ve already made lifelong friends…we look out for each other night and day.” – Erica

Top benefits of going to a residential college

Rooms & Meals ↗

university college rooms

Your own mini oasis

Stay in a furnished private room that’s spacious and filled with natural light. Two thirds of our college rooms are ensuite and most have a double bed. Each wing features shared laundry facilities and kitchenettes with a fridge, microwave and kettle.

All-inclusive meals

Get three meals a day every day with the option to get a packed lunch or dinner if you need to head to classes. On Sundays college students are served brunch and dinner. Menus are varied, with dietary requirements catered for as standard. Fruit, cereal and toast is available all day.

Events & Activities ↗

university college residential college activities

Our Student Club helps build a fun-filled calendar of events that will make your time at UC a memorable and exciting one. No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone. From wellbeing to sustainability to sports, our committee is the centre of student life.

Intercollegiate Sports

We compete against the other Melbourne University residential colleges in our intercollegiate sports games. Whether it’s participating in the sport or cheering on the sidelines, the whole college gets around it. There are so many to choose from every semester, including athletics, badminton, basketball, football, cricket, swimming, tennis, rowing, cross country and more.

Support ↗

university college students

You experience a lot of firsts when you come to residential college. Moving out home for the first time, starting a university degree and trying to squeeze as many social events into your schedule as possible. With support systems in place, we’re here to catch you before you fall.

Wellbeing Support

Your wellbeing is our top priority, and that means giving you the resources and support you need to thrive. With around the clock support, there’s always someone you can reach out to.

Academic Programs

The way you learn in high school is quite different to university, with more independence required. Our support helps you adapt to this learning style and focus on achieving the best results possible. With an extensive academic program and access to resident and non-resident tutors, we set you up for success.

Why choose University College over other Melbourne Uni Colleges?

We accept students from all universities

Besides University of Melbourne, we accept students from RMIT, ACU, Monash Pharmacy as well as other nearby universities, making the community that bit more unique.

A relaxed community with modern facilities

We pride ourselves in being a relaxed, friendly community where you can be yourself. The majority of our rooms have double beds and bathrooms, which means you can really feel at home in your own space.

reception staff behind the counter smiling at a student

24/7 wellbeing support

There’s always someone around for a chat or help. Our Dean of Students and Student Wellbeing Coordinator are on hand for drop-in advice and support. First aid trained and experienced in working with young people, our Resident Tutors are on duty after hours and Youth Workers are here overnight in case of an emergency. 

Why choose a residential college over other types of student accommodation?

“This is an environment that places emphasis on growth…and UC provides the individualised support needed to complete your personal goals.” – Amber

university college residential students

Making friends has never been easier

From the day you move into UC, you’re guaranteed to make new friends through participating in the packed calendar of orientation activities. The Student Club organises events all through the year as well so there’s always something to do and new people to meet. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find like-minded people to connect with.

Independence, with a helping hand

Moving out of home means basic daily tasks such as cooking and laundry are no longer shared with family members and become your sole responsibility. When you live at a residential accommodation, all student meals are prepared for you, three times a day. You’re responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy, but you also get room cleaning service fortnightly.

university college male student
university college female students

You have a support network around you

There is a Wellbeing team to assist with any mental or health concerns, Youth Workers to provide first aid support and security, and Resident Tutors for academic advice. 

Transition to university studies with ease

The academic leap between high school and tertiary education is a big one, but we got your back. When you live at our residential college, you will be able to attend group weekly tutorials and arrange one-on-one consultations with Resident Tutors. They can help you with general learning concepts or specific assignments. As a first year, you will also be paired up with one of the Resident Tutors for mentoring.

university college support network

Student stories

Amy – Merimbula, NSW

“Before moving to UC, I was living in India, which meant that I had to decide where to live based on everything provided online. One of the main reasons I came to UC was that I could immediately imagine myself living here even by looking at everything virtually. The vibe of the residential college is exactly what’s presented online – super friendly and open to all individuals. Coming to the residential college was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Xavier – Cohuna, Victoria

“I decided to come to University College for a number of reasons. Firstly, my sister had previously gone here for three years, so I was able to come visit her. This helped me see what UC was like from the inside, and showed me how enjoyable it was for people to live here. Secondly, coming from regional Victoria it is a bit daunting moving to the city, however I had heard of quite a few regional Victorians from around my area moving to the residential college over the years, which made it clear to me that the transition would be easy. I had also heard through my sister and UC advertisements about the new buildings that had been/were being built, so the quality of facilities swayed me towards UC even more. Finally, I had heard that UC had quite a strong sporting culture compared to other colleges (this is true!), which really caught my attention as sport is really important to me.”

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