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Supporting the UC Scholarship Program

About one third of students need significant financial support to come to UC.

Many students struggle with the expenses associated with tertiary studies in Australia. Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, rural and regional areas, graduate students, Indigenous students and students with families experiencing financial hardship are those most at risk of not embarking on or completing tertiary education.

Our funds cannot keep pace with the increasing cost of tertiary education and the financial pressures now faced by students and their families. Our long-term aim is to have sufficient scholarship funds to enable the most deserving students to come to college regardless of their capacity to pay.

In 2022, the UC Scholarship Program offered scholarships to 50 students, all of which had a significant impact on the students’ college and university experience.

We cannot currently support all those who need our assistance. With your support, we will.

If you would like more information about establishing a new scholarship or contributing towards an existing scholarship at UC, please contact our Fundraising and Alumni Relations Advisor at or +61 3 9349 9113.