Frequently Asked Questions

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1) How is UC different from the other residential colleges?

While the colleges all share similarities (such as single rooms, provide all meals, academic support, intercollegiate activities, an active Student Club), each college has its own unique characteristics. Some factors that create the differences are size, history and ethos.

UC is well known for its friendly, relaxed and supportive community.

2) Where do your students come from?

While there are no set quotas, below is the approximate break-down of our student population.

  • 40% Victorian
  • 40% domestic
  • 20% international

3) What kind of students are you looking for?

UC is a community and, in order for it to function as your ‘home away from home’, the students need to be accepting of others, flexible and inclusive.

4) What student events occur throughout the year?

  • Orientation week
  • Commencement Dinner
  • Intercollegiate sports
  • Intercollegiate cultural activities such as public speaking and debating
  • Musical soirée
  • Careers activities and Pathways dinner
  • UC Ball
  • Musical production
  • Art and Design Week
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Valedictory Dinner

5) What cultural/arts/music/committees can students become involved in?

See above plus below for committees:

Student Club

  • Sustainability Committee
  • Community Service Committee
  • Production Committee
  • Ball Committee
  • Magazine Committee
  • Social Committee

College Council

As with all of our committees, the chance to actively participate in College Council will help students to develop strong leadership skills.

6) How much does it cost to live at UC?

In 2017, it cost $29,164.

If you are considering other accommodation options, it is important to consider what is included in the fees and ensure that all expenses are included. There are intangibles to think about too, such as an easier transition to life in Melbourne and tertiary study.

7) What financial support/scholarships do you have available?

Please click here to see a comprehensive list of our scholarships.

8) What is the application process?

Please click here to view the application process.

9) Are there flexible meal plans?

No. The vast majority of students want to use their time at College for studying and student activities. Therefore, all meals (three meals a day, seven days a week) are provided. Vegetarians are catered for.

10) What do college fees include?

11) Is there parking available at UC?

There are limited car spaces available for an additional fee of $370 per semester.

Please note that UC is located close to four universities (the University of Melbourne, RMIT, Monash Pharmacy and ACU) and is on a tram line so most students get by easily without a car.

12) What is the UC 2017 Project?

The UC 2017 Project is the biggest capital works project since the College first opened in 1937.

The completion of the Project will bring:

  • new ensuite rooms with double beds
  • an iconic new dining hall
  • additional living and learning spaces

For more info about the UC 2017 Project, please click here.