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Jayden Galbraith

Jayden Galbraith, Tom Gibney and Jason Geddie
Jayden Galbraith, Tom Gibney and Jason Geddie

How have you found living at UC?
Living at College has been incredible. The people are what make it, and there’s something here for everyone. Being only a short walk away from university or a quick tram ride from the city has proved very beneficial for a number of reasons. Aside from the little time it takes to commute, you will also find other people taking the same classes, which is just one of the many ways we’ve all been able to make new friends. College in general has been full of laughs and good times. It’s so cliché, but I truly believe that it’s where you make life-long friendships.

What academic advantages are provided at UC?
The weekly tutorials have been a huge help. As well as resident tutors that are always happy to help where possible, being so close to second year students (or above), and other students taking the same classes makes it very easy to get another mind’s opinion. Also, having access to the library for printing, and borrowing text books for the semester I have found to be a big relief.

What social advantages are provided?
O-Week is recognised as a standout factor of college, and acts as our bridge from school to university. This single week did so much for me in the way of meeting new people and friends, and making it as comfortable and natural as possible. It’s not the be-all-end-all for making friendships though, as through the year I was always getting to know other people I might not have spent as much time with. Besides O-Week, there’s enough parties, intercollegiate events, sports and arts events to get involved with and create memories you won’t forget!

One thing I didn’t expect to experience at College is?
It goes without saying that you don’t expect how seamless the transition away from home can be. Living with so many people you’d think that you will surely make a few friends here, but what you find is that you make a lot of them. And those you aren’t necessarily close to, you will get along with anyway. Everyone knows each other and UC is its own communal home away from home.

Describe the UC environment.
Extremely positive, friendly and supportive.

Have you been in leadership roles at UC?
This year I wasn’t a part of any roles, but I will be an O-Week leader in 2017, as well as Music Representative which I’m really excited about!

How has UC helped you to transition from interstate to living in Melbourne?
It has been helpful living and interacting with second years who know how it all works. College is a great ‘next step’ out of home, where you don’t have to be completely independent.

What is your favourite UC event?
It’s incredibly hard to pick just one. The events where everyone gets involved, such as UC Day are by far the most enjoyable. My personal favourite would have to be the intercollegiate Battle of the Bands.

If you could sum up your UC experience in one word, what would it be?
After spending more time than I will admit to trying to find one word (and failing), UC has been all of; a fresh start, exciting, new and importantly, a whole lot of fun.

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